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Author: Kingston Hamilton

HR Hiring Advantage

REACH MORE TALENTS AT A FRACTION OF THE COST Find a Match Find your next employee by posting your job today. Get CV’s direct to your inbox or via your private ATS. We also offer CV Matching to match your job with the best relevant candidates. Cost-Efficient You can choose to either post single job, or you can choose a plan which allows you to post as many jobs as you like. Unlimited job postings at a fraction of the cost you find elsewhere! Flexible & Maximize Your Reach More exposure? No problem! Some positions are tricky and require an...

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Job Traffic Booster

THE WORLD’S LEADING JOB TRAFFIC TECHNOLOGY & SERVICES, BUILT FOR EMPLOYERS LIKE YOU Targeted Campaign & Boost Results,  Reach Million Job Seekers!   Top notch team and technology to boost your hot jobs traffic! TARGETED APPLICANT HOTJOB ALERTS! Privately distribute your hot jobs to targeted job seekers’ email inbox. Our intelligent auto-match system will send and promote your jobs to targeted active and proactive job seekers. The alert will send directly to their private account dashboard and email message inbox. SHOP NOW MULTI-SITES JOB DISTRIBUTIONS Automatically distribute your hot jobs to most visited job boards, websites, and social networks. Post...

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AVA Hiring Systems

Discover a New Revolutionary Hiring Process Join us today and be part of the revolution! Let’s improve and make an impact on our workplace together. Switch your old applicant tracking and upgrade to a better (AHS) Applicant Hiring System TODAY! It will be the best decision you ever made. It’s free for the remainder of your current contract. BE THE BEST AND EXPECT THE BEST (WebRTC is 6X faster) ALIQUAM SAPIEN Full Package Applicant Hiring Solutions Our amazing full package hiring solutions. You get the complete package including vidaudiointerview, vidinterivew, vidliveinterview and vidreferencing. Get everything in one place to...

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Onboarding & Training

Video Onboarding and Training Simple and easy VidOnboarding is a simple and easy workflow system that tracks and collects information at all stages of the training process. It is easy to onboard new hires with your pre-made training videos and software tools. The VidTrainer empowers you to educates your new recruits properly, allows new hires to learn at their own pace and ensures they have a strong understanding of the company’s culture, products and services. Get New Hires Onboard Smoothly Finding the amount of time needed to properly train and onboard new hires is a challenge for any organization....

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Recognition & Reward System

Hot4hire provide scalable technology which allows organizations to choose how they communicate with their employees to attract, engage and retain. SmartSpending™ Unbeatable employee discounts, incredible ease of use Employee discounts: The secret sauce that brings employees back to your hub day after day. Employee discounts have always been at the heart of Reward Gateway’s product because they drive engagement with every other employee benefit our clients offer. Employee discounts are the only universal employee benefit that reaches all parts of the workforce and keeps them coming back to their SmartHub™ day after day, week after week. We use it...

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